An oasis away from city water. 

An effective and convenient Point of Use cooler for dispensing fresh and clean drinking water in the workplace. Designed with the modern office in mind, the SW Series Water Cooler will address the requirements of small and medium sized workplaces. Our high performance carbon filtration guarantees an unlimited supply of fresh, great tasting water. 

Say no to bottleless and find our how you can even say no to Municipal Boil Orders. 


Delivering Pure Water Technology 

The Star Water dispensers have 2 core technologies which mean that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in: 

1. Filtration - Our Modern Carbon filter technology helps remove unwanted impurities from the water as well as chlorine and other chemicals found in today's water to provide you with Cold and Hot great tasting water every time. 

2. BioCote®: We've got the inside covered and the outside too. As another layer of defense, BioCote™ keeps the dispensing area free of bacteria. The BioCote™ surface removes 99.9% of all bacteria. We are the only water company partnered with BioCote™ and the only one to offer this feature on Cater Coolers.


Ideal Capacity for Small, Medium and Large size Business. Easy connection to existing water supply by our licensed and trained plumbers. 



The Star Water Coolers are designed with the modern office in mind.  Our sleek and elegant design will easily fit into any office environment with minimal disruption. 

Model Choice

Star Water offer's several series within our SW Series Water Coolers that will meet the demand of any office. From Table/Counter units to free standing appliances we have you covered for all your water cooler needs. Did we mention that all our coolers are bottleless? 



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